Sustainable living, food safety, environmental protection, community and cultural development are all social issues that we care about. design/+/ten studio never cease to initiate community projects (for example MAMASMART) or take part in larger campaigns, striving to bring across these messages to public through various art events and workshops. We have gained an incredible amount of experiences over the years and flourished with a network of like-minded advocates, ready to tackle more challenging themes together. Should anyone has some wild thoughts about making social impact, please feel free to contact us for collaboration opportunities.


Date: September 2014 - present
Venue: Hong Kong Science Park/ Various Pop-ups
Organiser & Event Design: design/+/ten


{ MAMASMART } is the first community market in Hong Kong that supports mums, local organic farmers and musicians.

By engaging mums from the neighbourhood, { MAMASMART } acts as a platform - a 'mamas' mart' - for participants to share with others their interests and talents, building direct relationship between makers and consumesr. Selected products are often handmade and earth-friendly, with a great variety for our wide range of audience. Together with our passionate team of volunteers, we have successfully engaged over 200 mums since 2014, attracting nearly 500 visitors every month at our Science Park location.

Visitors get to do more than just shopping here at { MAMASMART }. We offer unique outdoor experiences such as #iheartaipo bike ride and the meaningful [ mamaswap ] where everyone has a chance to save a product from going into landfills. There are also educational workshops for the little ones and entertaining performances for the rest else to enjoy.

In 2016, { MAMASMART } will be relocating to various locations, giving in-depth seminars and workshops by mamas and experts - because mama's smart too! Parenting shapes a large part of childhood and we want to make sure parents spend enough time to understand the real needs of their children, and be able to get help whenever in doubt.

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Frills or No Frills - Pop-up fashion store for pre-owned clothing & accessories

Date: January 8 - 31, 2016
Venue: Shop 3A, G/F, 34-36 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, N.T. Hong Kong
Organiser & Event Design: design/+/ten


According to statistics, over a hundred thousand tonnes of garment waste is produced in Hong Kong every year, equivalent to an alarming 1400 t-shirts thrown out every minute. 

The mission of ‘Frills or No Frills’ is to create fluidity in the pre-owned fashion market and maximise the use of each piece of clothing manufactured, saving them from going directly into landfills simply because one has outgrown its taste and value. By running a pop-up lifestyle store, we aimed to bring together elements of fashion, art and cafe, creating a unique and conscientious experience for shoppers.

Every piece of garment at ‘Frills or No Frills’ had been hand-selected by our team with eyes for unique fashion, carefully scanned for damages, and are ensured in wearable condition. Our collection ranged from clothes to footwear and accessories, from women's to kids' fashion - all hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

The entire amount of proceeds, after subtracting all the necessary expenses, was donated to ‘Sky Project’ - a subsidy for college fees to low-income children in China.


Post-event 'Fashion Inquest' by reporter Leila Chan
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Greennomarket - for the green & innovative

Date: November 1, 2016
Venue: Zero Carbon Building, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Client: FUND4IT
Organiser & Event Design: design/+/ten


Following the huge success of { MAMASMART }, design+ten was invited by client FUND4IT in creation of a public market & event that promotes locally designed products that are sustainable, green and innovative. With the generous support of ZCB, Greennomarket was held in a park with trees and lawns amid blocks of skyscrapers. Participants were able to enjoy an array of handmade products, locally grown organic farm produce, live music and activities catered for kids and families - the perfect Sunday hangout and relaxation for the bustling city dwellers.


Fest Zero

Date: September 19 - October 3, 2016
Venue: PMQ, Central/ Hong Kong University
Sponsor: The Standard Chartered Bank
Organiser: Smiley Planet
Supporting Organisation: design/+/ten


Human beings are currently using at least 30% more resources than what the Earth can replenish by itself. Yet, we are unable to digest the amount of wastes produced in the realm of our fast food culture.

Sponsored by Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation and under the programme Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action, Smiley Planet organised “Fest Zero” to promote awareness of cutting wastes.

During this 2-week long event, design+ten showed support by setting up a second-hand swapping station - the [ mamaswap ]. Pre-owned objects were collected from the public, sorted and displayed for anyone to exchange with their own, what then seemed unwanted could once again become useful with its new owner. 

design+ten also held the "Solar Dye Workshop", demonstrating how to dye natural material by harvesting solar energy and using leftovers of edible plants (onion skin) - a 100% sustainable method for capturing natural colours on garments.


City Rhythm 002 x teakha's 3rd anniversary

Date: April 25-26, 2015
Venue: teakha
Organiser: teakha
Event Design: design/+/ten


In conjunction with teakha's 3rd birthday (yay!), 【City Rhythm】brings to the forefront the idea of 'placemaking', creating a fun-filled party with live performances, poetry writing, patchwork-quilt making and tote bag screen-printing right outside the shop on Tai Ping Shan Street! Crowds from and outside the hood came to celebrate with us while their favourite cuppa and delicious birthday cake were being served on this very special occasion.

City Rhythm 001

Date: January 31 - February 1, 2015
Venue: teakha/ plantation
Organiser: teakha/ plantation
Event Design: design/+/ten


The concept of【City Rhythm】is to explore the multitude of aspects of city life, apart from the regular coming and going, the repetitive activities, the dominant sounds and smells that occur, is always an unbeaten path waiting to be discovered.

This series of events, all connected by the element of Tea including a tea-pairing dinner and calligraphy class, led to surveillance of the road less travelled in the cozy, tucked-away area of Tai Ping Shan Street.

Take a "Brake" Low Carbon Action

Date: September 20 - 26, 2014
Venue: Hysan Place, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Sponsor: The Standard Chartered Bank
Organiser: Smiley Planet
Supporting Organisation: design/+/ten


To promote a greener and a more sustainable lifestyle, Standard Chartered Hong Kong, the convenor of the Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action, officiated the green carnival at Hysan Place, Causeway Bay. This event, organised by Smiley Planet, aimed at showcasing how making small adjustments in our daily lives and taking a “brake” on certain habits can help reduce carbon footprint and make a positive difference in combating global warming and climate change. 

As one of the supporting organisations, design+ten put together two workshops for the public -  a "Felting Repair Workshop" and a "Pot Hanger Weaving Workshop".