'The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.'
- Masanobu Fukuoka

Design is a tool to express humanity in respect to our land and culture. Every object speaks a language of its own, adopted by the way it’s designed and made. Based on years of experiences in the practice of farming, its teachings and philosophy will always remain an important part of our design principles, often discreetly reflected in the nature of our work.

Founded in 2013, design/+/ten aims to contribute to a sustainable cityscape through offering multi-disciplinary design services on graphics, products, cultural events and urban farming solutions without compromising on quality and aesthetics. We also specialise in ceramics and paper as a natural material, with studio equipments capable of bespoke design to batch production on a wide range of decorative and functional ware.

Past collaborators include A Drop of Life, Friends of the Earth, Green Monday,
Heifer International, Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Gardens, Standard Chartered Bank, Sun Hung Kai Properties and local enterprises such as ACO Bookstore, Green Urban Mobility, The Mushroom Initiative and Teakha.

「農業的最終目的不在穀物的成長,而在於人類的教化與改進。」 -福岡正信


自2013年起,田和設計開始從藝術及設計切入,持續探討並實踐都市中的永續生活;企劃橫跨各個領域,包括平面設計、產品設計、文化活動、城市耕種等。工作室亦配備製陶、木及紙張的工具器材,可承接製作無二的陶器、木器及紙本文具,感受「用之美」。 曾合作機構包括點滴是生命、地球之友、Green Monday、小母牛香港、嘉道理農場、渣打銀行、新鴻基地產,以及本地機構如艺鵠、改用踏、菇菌圓、茶。家等等。